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Atour X Hotel
4.8/51670 Ulasan

Atour X Hotel

Taiyuan Street Shenyang|3.05km dari pusat kota
The hotel is located in Shenyang Zhongshan Road, located in the heping District Shenyang Railway Station Taiyuan Street business circle core area, from Taiyuan Street business district, Zhongxing Building, Wanda Plaza about 3 minutes walk, the hotel is close to Metro Line 1, surrounded by a number of bus lines 220 Road, 324 Road, 216 Road, 399 Road 279 Road 262 Road, etc., traffic in all directions, is an important transportation hub in Shenyang, surrounded by a number of office buildings and Taiyuan Street business district, to create a beautiful experience and a taste of both the "quality fast life" experience.The hotel is a business travel space that tempers quality in fast life. Always maintain curiosity about the world, such as colorful primary colors, through the prism refraction of a rich life. There is more than one side of travel, and each exploration allows us to abandon the inherent inertia of life and release a surprise attitude in the excavation. In the pursuit of the world's rapid development steps, always get fun and experience calmly.The hotel has a variety of rooms, elegant environment, well-equipped and considerate service. Combined with "co-working area + leisure modern design room + multi-functional physical charging station" in one, to create a good experience and style of taste of high-quality fast living space, is the best choice for business and leisure travelers, the hotel staff is waiting for your visit.

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Temukan Lebih Banyak Hotel

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Temukan Lebih Banyak Hotel

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Shenyang Palace Museum


Color TV Tower Night Market


Middle Street (Dongshun City Inner Street)


Taiyuan Street Business Area


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Harga TertinggiIDR 3,122,792
Harga TerendahIDR 83,922
Jumlah Ulasan547,885
Jumlah Hotel12,947
Harga Rata-Rata (Hari Kerja)IDR 536,992
Harga Rata-Rata (Akhir Pekan)IDR 584,077